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Accredited Accounting Technician (AAT) Examination

Examination News for Candidates

Examination timetable

Click to check the AAT Examination timetable.

AAT revision courses

To give the best support for students in their preparation of the HKIAAT examinations, we are pleased to provide the latest information of the relevant revision courses.

Examinable Contents

The examinable contents are determined on 31 May each year (cut-off date) which applies to the December session of the same year and the following June session.

The determination of examinable contents refers to both the release date of the pronouncements (or the enactment date of the legislations) and their corresponding effective date. Please click here for illustration.

Students can find a list of accounting and auditing standards that is examinable in their examination session by logging onto the HKIAAT website 6 weeks before the examination takes place.

Syllabus Update and Supplementary Chapter for AAT Paper 7

Updated syllabus for Paper 7 of the AAT Examination will be adopted from the December 2016 session onwards.

Candidates please note that the issuance of a new standard HKFRS 15 "Revenue from Contracts with Customers" would supersede HKAS 11 "Construction Contracts" and HKAS 18 "Revenue". This standard is effective on 1 January 2018, therefore examinable from the December 2016 Session onwards in AAT Paper 7.

Candidates may refer to the below supplementary chapter on HKFRS 15 for revision.

AAT Exam Supplementary Chapter Chapters superseded in the AAT Study Text
Paper 7 HKFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers Chapter 6 – "Revenue" and
Chapter 7 – "Construction Contracts"