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Accredited Accounting Technician (AAT) Examination

Entry Requirements and Procedures

The HKIAAT has stopped taking in new students for AAT Examination since 31 August 2018

Entry Requirement

Applicants may register as students of the HKIAAT for taking the AAT Examination provided that they are at least 16 years old. Exemptions are offered to those who possess a comparable level of competency.

Registration Procedures

To register as student of the HKIAAT, applicants have to fill in the Student Registration Form and provide documentary evidence satisfying the above entry requirement. Their initial registration fee should be paid upon the submission of the application. Applicants have to observe the closing date for registration, as this affects their eligibility to enter the examinations. Each registered student should be in possession of a student registration card bearing his/her registration number. The student registration card should be returned to HKIAAT after cessation of studentship.

Removal from Register

A registered student whose student fee is overdue for 3 months or more will be removed from the Register. Re-instatement of studentship and examination status will be considered in accordance with the rules prevailing at the time of application and payment of the relevant fees. Students will also be removed from the Register on disciplinary grounds.

Examination Entry Regulations

Fee Structure

Nature of fees Amount
Initial registration fee HK$600
Student fee (#) HK$600 annually(due on 1st January)
Examination fee HK$530 per subject except Paper 1 at HK$800
Exemption fee HK$530 per subject except Paper 1 at HK$800
All fees may be subject to revision.

A surcharge of HK$150 will be levied for every dishonoured cheque.

# Student Fee demand notes are sent out in early December for payment due by 1 January.