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Views of HKIAAT Stakeholders


The AAT qualification is popular and widely recognized by the employers in Hong Kong. It has become the key requirement when recruiting accounting professionals. Let's see what the professionals are saying about the AAT qualification!
image Venus Fok, Account Manager, Union Alpha C.P.A. Limited
"Ruby chose to take the PBE during her undergraduate years. To me, this shows a great deal of not only dedication to the accounting field but also a dedication to self improvement. I have no doubt the PBE training helped her to attain the CPA qualification smoothly."- T/Dialogue October 2014
image Stephanie Phan, Finance Manager – Payroll and Employee Tax, AECOM
"Some candidates worry that they might not be able to get a job in the accounting field if they are not an accounting degree holder. However, I think soft skills are far more important. Anyone can build a successful accounting career regardless of how they acquire their professional qualifications."- T/Dialogue August 2014
image Kelvin Tong, Finance Manager, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
"AAT graduates are a good fit for our environment: not only do they hold a solid grounding in different aspects of accounting, they are often good with time-management and are disciplined enough to face the multiple challenges we get each day." - T/Dialogue April 2014
image Fanny Chang, Audit Manager, Katax C.P.A. Limited
"Professional qualifications are a widely recognized benchmark which could potentially be more important to any accounting personnel than a university degree." - T/Dialogue October 2013
image Alex So, Sole Proprietor, Alex So & Co.
"He showed confidence in himself being able to follow through the AAT articulation and eventually qualify as a Certified Public Accountant. His dedication and his willingness to start from the bottom and work his way up truly impressed me, and that was why I decided then to give him an opportunity to prove himself." - T/Dialogue April 2013
image Wayne So, Deputy General Manager, Golden Lyca China Co Limited
"A professional qualification is a benchmark of competence and is recognized as such by the industry. As an employer, I view having a professional qualification like AAT and relevant experience as equally important in considering whether a candidate is suitable for an accounting position." - AAT Express August 2012
image Katherine Leung, Senior Accountant, Utopian Computer Systems Limited
"AAT is an excellent platform for the younger generation to understand more about the accounting profession, which may be mistakenly thought of as dull and monotonous by some people." - AAT Express July 2012
image James Kong, Partner, James T. W. Kong & Co. CPAs
"For accounting personnel, it is important to keep abreast of the ever-changing accounting standards and procedures. Therefore, we must undertake continuing education to stay competitive and excel within the profession." - T/Dialogue July 2012
image Carrie Leung, Accounts Manager, Sinminchu Publishing Co. Ltd
"The AAT qualification offers a good opportunity for young people to taste different aspects of accounting. It is also a good qualification for junior accounting personnel wanting to progress to a supervisory level." - AAT Express May 2012
image Andrew Chen, Executive Partner, ANDA CPA Limited
"I think the qualification is a good stepping stone for students to articulate to qualify as a CPA. It offers a chance and a very viable choice for those without a degree in accounting to start developing their careers in the profession." - AAT Express April 2012
image Gilbert Loke, Managing Director, Falcon CPA Limited
"Experience is a key consideration. However, for candidates with less experience, having qualifications such as AAT or CPA is definitely a plus on their resumes. It is also important for applicants to show commitment to the job." - AAT Express February 2012
image Cyrus Yip, Accounts manager, Ready System Engineering Limited
"A recognized professional qualification like AAT can equip them with presentable credentials – this is especially relevant for those who have just entered the field." - AAT Express January 2012
image Gloria Leung, Audit Manager, Dominic Y.C. Ng & Co
"The AAT Examination is a good channel for sub-degree holders who have great interest in the field to strengthen their accounting knowledge and get well prepared for their further career development." - T/Dialogue January 2012