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Views of HKIAAT Stakeholders

AAT Student and Graduate Career File

image Name: Cindy Ma
Job title: Audit Junior
Company: Willis Cheng & Co.
image Name: Shirley So
Job title: Accounts Clerk
Company: Hui Lau Shan Food Manufacturing Ltd.
image Name: Darren Man
Job title: Accountant
Company: Peter W. H. Ma & Co.
image Name: Natalie Lau
Job title: Officer
Company:HKSAR Government
image Name: Angel Poon
Job title: Accounts Clerk
Company: Legend Pacific Limited
image Name: Tsoi Fan
Job title: Senior Accounting Clerk
Company:Citimex Textiles Limited
image Name: Ruby Ding
Job title: Officer, Accounts Department
Company:Union Alpha C.P.A. Limited
image Name: Alvin Chow
Job title: Assistant Accountant
image Name: Tang Tsz Hang
Job title: Audit Junior
Company:Eddie M.T. Ng & Co.
image Name: Melissa Mui
Job title: Accounts Clerk
Company:InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
image Name: Derrian Chan
Job title: Accountant
Company: Sa Sa Cosmetic Company Limited
image Name: Fan Chow
Job title: Accounting Manager
Company: Daiwabo Hong Kong Company Limited
image Name: Kwan Hoi Yin
Job title: Accounts Clerk
Company: Katax C.P.A. Limited
image Name: Maggie Ha
Job title: Accountant
Company: Linkco Deep Fryer Limited
image Name: Yuki Yeung
Job title: Audit Supervisor
Company: Raymond Y. L. Lai & Co. (CPA)
image Name: Andy Chan
Job title: Audit Assistant
Company: Alex So & Co.
image Name: Chan Ka Wai
Job title: Accountant
Company: Kathy Wong & Co.
image Name: Nora Lau
Job title: Accounting Officer
Company: Golden Lyca China Co Limited
image Name: Jessica Chow
Job title: Accounts Clerk
Company: Utopian Computer Systems Limited
image Name: Kathy Chow
Job title: Auditor
Company: James T. W. Kong & Co. CPA
image Name: Heidy Lee
Job title: Director
Company: Health Dedication Limited
image Name: Jannette Wai
Job title: Accounts Clerk
Company: Sinminchu Publishing Co. Ltd
image Name: Chan Ka Lok
Job title: Semi-senior Accountant
Company: ANDA CPA Limited
image Name: Christine Li
Job title: Senior Accountant
Company: A listed property developer
image Name: Lydia Lam
Job title: Accounts clerk
Company: Wilhelmsen Ships Service Ltd.
image Name: Tiffany Fong
Job title: Audit Assistant
Company: Falcon CPA Limited
image Name: Lok Cheng
Job title: Accountant
Company: Ready System Engineering Limited
image Name: Ryan Kwok
Job title: Audit trainee
Company: Dominic Y.C. Ng & Co