Career advice AAT wall
Advice from a veteran teacher
Peggy Chan, senior lecturer at Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin), talks about why competence, integrity and having the right attitude are the major components for success in accountancy. Peggy Chan
Thoughts from an accounting graduate
Fanny Lai, a HKIAAT scholarship recipient, tells us her plan for becoming a CPA. Fanny Lai
Opinions of an employer
Desmond Hui, audit senior from Anthony S L Chiang & Co, believes that choosing the right qualification such as AAT can help young people gear up for a wide range of career opportunities. Desmond Hui
Rising star in accounting
Peter Lee, tells us how AAT qualification has transformed him from being a young entrepreneur to becoming an audit intermediate. Peter Lee
Student registration (Closing date: 15 July 2012)
Students who wish to sit the Professional Bridging Examination and AAT Examination in December 2012 should note that the closing date for registration is 15 July 2012. Click here for detailed information.
Top-up degree programme for AAT graduates
All AAT graduates and members are eligible for direct entry to the Bachelor of Professional Accounting with Honours, a collaborative degree programme jointly organized by the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs and the Open University of Hong Kong. The deadline for the 2nd round application will be on 24 August 2012. Click here for more programme details. Top-up degree
The accounting and business management case competition 2011-12
The HKIAAT received excellent responses for the Competition this year with more than 2,100 students from 86 secondary schools, 16 tertiary institutions and 9 PRC colleges taking part. The final round of the competition, the oral presentation, was held on 21 April 2012. Click here to view the results and highlights of the event. competition
HKIAAT top students
Congratulations to the top students in the December 2011 session of PBE and AAT Examination. Their prizes will be presented at the Annual Award and Graduation Ceremony on 4 May 2012. Click here to find out their sharing of their success. Top Students
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Hot jobs
Audit Manager – Kitty K Y Chaw & Co.
Account Clerk – Cathay Tak Ming Metal Mfy Limited
Auditor / Audit Assistant – Profectus & Co.
Audit Senior – Value Plus CPA Limited
Audit Junior – Samuel Lam & Co.
Junior Audit Staff – Diana L. Ma & Co. CPA Limited
Accounting Clerk – Benny To & Co.
Audit Semi-Senior – Ko Shun CPA & Company
Audit Junior – Value Plus CPA Limited
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Ask uncle balance
Miu Miu: I am the final year student, and am considering to further undertake a top-up degree upon graduation since I want to become a qualified accountant. Can you give me some suggestions when choosing a degree?
Uncle Balance: If you want to become a CPA, I would suggest you to take a programme which is recognized by Hong Kong Institute of CPAs. You may visit HKICPAs' website at for the list of accredited degree programmes. You may also consider the Bachelor of Professional Accounting with Honours offered by HKICPA and the Open University of Hong Kong, as this course is specially designed for AAT graduates. This programme incorporates the syllabus of Professional Bridging Examination, and its graduates are eligible to register as QP students. For details, please visit
English corner
Contrasts and comparisons
The purpose of a conclusion in a report is to summarize and highlight the significance of your findings. Dr. Mable Chan teaches us the techniques of drawing an effective conclusion. Click here to learn more and complete the quiz. English corner
Jokes for accountants
Why in a wedding ceremony, bride sits on the left and groom on the right? Because according to the profit & loss statement:

"All expenses are on left side and income on right side."

A song for every accounting students
Want to recall some accounting basics back from school? We introduce you to a Cantonese song 《會計會計》, which was once very popular song during the past days of HKCEE. Song